this is what i want sound to look like
Vangel Naumovski, Lake Bride, 1973


oh my god i love this so much on so many levels

new directions confirmed


the coolest thing i ever found on the bus

I love everything about this magical warning sign. I sat down, not yet in that end times state of mind, and BAM there it was just chillen on the empty seat next to me. It radiated so much 'awesome'. Almost instantly I knew this was one of the best finds in my career of crap collecting. The random underscoring, the staggered, hand stenciled letters, those gleeming gaps! Its' off kilter austerity really makes this a true junk of beauty, but there's clear marks of the makers precise intentions. The heavily weighted dots and lines, the boldness of 'coming'. Its all so awkwardly, amazingly bad, the kind of bad that's so unique you have to stop and really think about it. I'm claiming it arty as shit, idiot savant perfection. Oh my god! How could i forget the contorted dude and HIS SWEATER! Flame reference, this guy's (girl's??) too good.